About Us

Make Over studio well existed over 8 years and first started giving quality-professional make over photography service experience to our fellow guests and this is our best based foundation that makeover encompasses over the years and through experience ‘to style people’ in order to get picture perfect images that not only the pictures – background look nice but also you have to look at your best in it too!! We are a team of professional photographers, makeup artists and stylists to ensure the best possible photo ever captured, we want to present something that you shall treasure for the rest of your life. We ensure each piece of our images is touched with timeless artwork design.

As everyone has their unique side of their beautiful love story, we are here to give each and every one of you a different concept and style to capture your moments that is truly yours… unique, fun, memorable and ultimately timeless images as lifetime memory that lasts. We ensure that our style is timeless and that we constantly update our trend to what is the new style without ever being over editing as the photo itself should always be natural as it is. Giving a touch of good design, shall make yours timeless for years to come

Last but not least, we want all of our clients have a stress free, fun photo session so other necessities such as transportation and etc shall be provided for. Simply so you have a nice and enjoyable trip in Bali.

The Teamwork

Experienced Photographers Several experienced photographers are carefully chosen to partner with MakeOver Studio with constant update of new photos of their recent works.  Each photographer has their own distinguished photo style and one’s preference to utilise the photographer’s service really depend on you. Distinguished design and editing is feasible and this is crucial to define the style you look for as the finishing photo album output to portray your wedding style.

  • Agus Lastina – recent self photo in b/w

Murni -Been a makeup artist for many years now, started to get her basic makeup skills through doing makeup and hairdo and also various costume for Balinese weddings. Hence, it is now a much easier task for her is she gets to do makeup and hairstyle for modern brides and groom, using combination of CRAYOLAN/PAC/MAC for the makeup ingredients

Debbie –Founder of Make Over studio and is now the leading choreographer for pre-wedding photography, getting one’s best angle to look their best is constantly a challenge. Hence, having a choreographer is extremely important to ensure you look your best when the photos are taken